Gray Sartin's tribute to Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash Now - Classic Show

A tribute to the Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three with June Carter.

About Us


Authentic Sound

Johnny was on fire in 1968 and was willing to take risks to build his career. He defied Columbia Records by doing the famous concert at Folsom Prison, and the risks paid off. During this time, Johnny was trying to do the right thing and wanted to marry June Carter but was still edgy. That same year Johnny appeared at the Grand Ole Opry and some of the most viewed videos on YouTube occurred during this period. This is the period the show attempts to recreate. With the sincerest respect for Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three, we perform both the classic hits and the modern hits.  


Vintage Look

 Sartin said, “when people are watching a play, the actors don’t remind the audience they’re seeing a play and not the real thing. We treat our show the same way. We don’t remind the audience we’re not the real thing. We want our audience to suspend disbelief for the show and allow themselves to be caught in the nostalgia of the moment. That’s why every show starts with, ‘hello, I’m Johnny Cash,’ and we’ve grown every year since July 2011.”  


Professional Experience

We've worked with corporate clients, theatres, casinos, and other venues to draw fans to our shows. We have over 5000 Facebook fans and we know how to reach them. We use targeted advertising to make sure events are seen by the people most likely to attend, and most importantly, we treat every fan and client like they're the most important part of our show, because it's true.


The Music

Cash had three major eras of success, and the pictures above show a few examples of those songs and Johnny's age at the time the songs were released. Johnny had 126 Billboard hits and we perform 35 of those hits.