Johnny Cash Tribute Artist Featuring Gray Sartin

I am a Johnny Cash tribute artist who worked with band mates to build a Johnny Cash tribute show in 2011.

Featuring a June Carter Tribute Artist

With the Johnny Cash tribute band is Cynthia Evans, an outstanding June Carter tribute artist.

Becoming a Johnny Cash Tribute Artist

...means creating the sound, the look, and the feel.

The Johnny Cash Tribute Band Creates the Sound of Three Eras

Cash had three major eras of success, and we perform music from each era.  The pictures above show a few examples of the songs we perform and Johnny's age at the time the songs were released.  Johnny had 126 Billboard hits and we perform 35 of those hits.  

1960s Clothing Creates the Look

As a Johnny Cash tribute artist, I wanted to portray Johnny's look from the 1960s by wearing the black suit with a blood red lining, the deep cut double-breasted vest, the pants with narrow legs, and the pointed Italian shoes.  It was also important to get the dark brown pompadour hair style just right.  I felt the1960s was the coolest looking era.

Instruments and Sets Create the Feel

As a Johnny Cash tribute band, we needed to create the feel by not only getting the guys clothes right but by recreating some famous sets from the Folsom Prison Concert and the San Quentin Concert.   We also needed the right instruments.  The clicking of the upright bass, the brushes on the snare, the acoustic strings, the muted rhythm of the lead guitar, and the baritone vocals were crucial for creating that feel.

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